Welcome to the homepage of vacation retreat Rantamuuntaja Sorvasalmi!

Rantamuuntaja Sorvasalmi is a year round vacation retreat in Northern Savonia. The place is located ashore of beautiful lake Akonvesi that has an access to the Tahko waterway which delights the heart of any traveller. Visitors can arrive to the house pier by boat all the way from Tahko, Kuopio and lake Saimaa.

The facilities of Rantamuuntaja Sorvasalmi suite excellently for vacationing, meetings and festivities.

The main house was built in 1977 and it has 150 square meters, three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, toilet and sauna. The facilities were renovated in 2007.

There is a big terrace in the main house with a beautiful view over the lake. There are beds for 6+2 persons, the additional beds are in the sofa-bed.

What would vacation in Finland be without a sauna? There is a traditional lakeside sauna with wood heated sauna stove. The lakeside sauna was renovated in 2007 and it has also a small sauna cabin and an outhouse.

Rantamuuntaja Sorvasalmi has received its name from an old cultural historically valuable electricity transformer that is located near the lakeshore. There is a small living area built inside the transformer where quests can relax and spend their time. There are two row boats in the shore. The shore is suitable for swimming and it is not steep.

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